A.A.I.R. Publications

BULETINUL AMC (published only in 1991)
(A.A.I.R.'S BULLETIN) At first, our Association published the news letter called "Buletinul AMC" which had periodical issues.
(INSTRUMENTATION) Since 1992 untill 2000 the magazine has been entitled "INSTRUMENTATIA", which was published by our Association. Some of the magazines published during 1992 -2001
AUTOMATIZARI SI INSTRUMENTATIE (CONTROL AND INSTRUMENTATION) Since 2001 the title of this magazine has been changed into AUTOMATIZARI SI INSTRUMENTATIE. Some of the magazines published during 2001-2004
Remarks :The magazine "AUTOMATIZARI si INSTRUMENTATIE"; (a development of the former magazine "INSTRUMENTATIA", first issued in 1991)
Periodicity : 6 issues/year

The arhive is in Romanian

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